Incredibly beautiful safari from Zanzibar

28 September 2022 | Intan & Nathan

An incredibly beautiful safari!

On the agreed day we were picked up from Zanzibar with a small plane to Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park. Flying itself was already an experience, where you see the monkeys running off the runway as the plane approaches. After landing we were picked up by a jeep and after another river crossing with a boat you come ‘home’ to Selous Wilderness Camp. Here we were welcomed by our host, who took great care of us for the next four days.

The first day we were able to relax in the camp for a few hours, surrounded by beautiful nature (and monkeys). At the end of the afternoon we went on the boat, looking for crocodiles, birds and hippos. We concluded this boat safari in a romantic setting at sunset.

Back at Selous Wilderness Camp we had a delicious dinner (great cook!) at the campfire under the stars. Truly idyllic! The Maasai brought us back to our tent (you can’t see anything in the dark) for a wonderful night’s sleep. Sleeping in the tent was great! You can hear the monkeys, birds and hippos in the river. You are truly one with nature.
The second day we went on a jeep safari in the Nyerere National Park with our guide and driver. You look out your eyes! On this day we have already seen so much; lions, hyenas, hippos, giraffes, elephants, zebras, you name it. Our guide takes all the time to explain everything well and the driver drives the most adventurous routes. They really enjoy their work and know very well what they are doing and what they are talking about. You learn a lot. It is an unforgettable beautiful and pleasant day.
The third day we went back to Nyerere National Park. This time we drove up the mountains. It is unbelievable how different nature looks there again; you go from drought, to grass, to palm trees to green mountains with babbling rivers. The variety of nature and animals is beautiful. And after a full day it is nice to relax again at Selous Wilderness Camp.
On the morning of our last day we flew back to Zanzibar.
It’s definitely a great trip. I would recommend it to everyone!!

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