It all started with a dream!

24 August 2023 | Jelle

Around the age of 13 I saw Stan, the father from one of my favorite cartoons as a child; American Dad, climbing Kilimanjaro. Then I thought, how cool (!) I’m going to do this one day! That has always been in the back of my mind.

At the age of 30 I made the decision, I’m going for it! But where on earth do you start? Google is your friend! After reading a lot and requesting various quotes, I chose Explore Tanzania. The online portal in which your trip is listed, the contact with the people from Explore Tanzania, very professional and that gave me the confidence that they were the right agency for my trip!

And what a journey it has been. I could write a book about it. The highlight, figuratively and literally, was the Summit Night. After days on the road, the time has finally come. You will leave around 00:00 for the peak of Kilimanjaro. The cold, the altitude, the duration of the trip and the pace at which you go up. It is a physical challenge but an even tougher mental challenge. For seven hours I just looked at my guide’s shoes.

And how important a good guide is! My guide, Isaac, is a man with a lot of experience, which gives confidence in the difficult moments! In addition, a very nice person, hospitable, friendly. Ensures that everything is properly arranged down to the last detail. Takes the time to get to know you, which certainly helps during the long days on the mountain!

We continue to struggle step by step. But one thing in your mind I have to keep going, I’m so close now! And then the time has come; Stella Point, still a little while to go, come on! An hour and a half later you reach Uhuru Peak with the rising sun, we made it, the roof of Africa! What a relief, a burden lifted from your shoulders. Then you shed a little tear. What a special moment, special experience, grateful that you were able to do this and that you succeeded!

My confidence in Explore Tanzania was certainly not unfounded! The trip was well and tightly organized down to the last detail. In addition to Kilimanjaro, I have been to Zanzibar. The transfers, excursions, the organizations Explore collaborates with, everything was perfect! A professional organization with people who know what they are doing. After this trip I definitely recommend them!

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