One of the most beautiful places on our planet

23 August 2023 | Esther, Peter & Wessel

The Boksjes are back! Last Sunday we returned from our wonderful trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar!! We still have a few days off and are enjoying everything we have seen based on the many photos…

After arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport, our driver was ready to take us to Rivertrees Country Inn, where we were warmly welcomed in this BEAUTIFUL ACCOMMODATION! We were so happy that we had changed the program in consultation with Marjolein and did not go on safari immediately the next day! Because of this, after a wonderful bike ride and a fun canoe trip with our guide Kenedy, we really enjoyed our stay in this beautiful location. I wish to go back just for Rivertrees!

After a delicious breakfast we met our guide Benson, what a GREAT guide! There was an immediate click and we had a lot of fun and he showed us a lot and shared a lot of his knowledge with us.

Together on the way to Tarangire National Park. After a somewhat “rough” start, after a beautiful lunch in the middle of the savannah, we saw so much game (especially elephants) that we even arrived a little late at the next accommodation. The people at the accommodation even called to see if everything was okay with us… So thoughtful!
It was a bit of a shame that we arrived so late because… WHAT A DREAM LOCATION, Burunge Tented Lodge.

We enjoyed the view from the pool, the location and being able to enjoy a delicious lunch in such a place. And… then our safari tent, how special, you can stay there for a whole week, especially if you hear the lions around your tent at night and get woken up in the morning by elephants standing in front of your veranda!

That morning we drove to Lake Manyara National Park via a “terrible massage road” where we saw a lot of elephants again… we sometimes caught ourselves saying to Benson “just drive on”… Is it not awful !??!

Benson himself was also busy looking for lions, which would mainly climb the trees there. Despite the beautiful nature and the nice lunch by the lake, we only saw a few giraffes in addition to the many elephants and monkeys. As Benson told us every day: “Nature cannot be forced”! Yet this was another beautiful day!

At the end of the day we arrived at the Octagon Lodge in Karatu. After two of those beautiful accommodations and the tiredness of that day, we were a bit disappointed at first, but afterwards it was fine, our house was in Tanzanian style. Have a good night’s sleep and on to the highlight of our trip….

Ngorongoro Crater! We left on time for the crater and drove around there all day, we were so sorry that we had to leave again. Elephants, hunting lions, herds of zebras and wildebeest, a hyena, hippos rolling around in a mud bath and so on… Every time we thank Benson for everything he shows us, what a beautiful day! This is certainly one of the most beautiful places on our planet!

The next day on the way to Arusha Airport we received a message that our flight had been canceled and that we were departing much later from Kilimanjaro Airport…. A bit of a downer, but everything was arranged directly by Explore Tanzania and Benson took extra good care of us all day long!

Five hours later, in the middle of the night, we arrived at our accommodation on Zanzibar… The next morning we saw that this was also a TOP accommodation, Casa Beach Hotel in Jambiani! Here we were able to relax for 4/5 days and enjoy our safari! We gave this hotel a 10, just like Rivertrees and Burunge tented camp!

All in all ….Explore Tanzania, thank you for this wonderful trip and see you next time!

Esther, Peter and Wessel

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