It makes you feel humble

30 August 2023 | Wilma & Marcel

After 17 wonderful days, we (unfortunately) jumped on the train called reality and work again last week.

Marcel has always indicated in recent years that other countries are beautiful but do not compare to Tanzania. And he was right about that. After 17 years, when he also made a trip through Explore Tanzania, not only I but he too was still pleasantly surprised by the country, nature and people.

The anticipation started in January when we sat down with Marjolein from Explore Tanzania and put together the trip in several sessions according to our wishes and in the period that was most appealing to make our dream trip.

The time arrived at the end of August and we thoroughly enjoyed Tanzania and Zanzibar. Of the beautiful parks that showed us special animals and situations. And the beautiful lodges, each of which had its own charm, where we received a friendly welcome, had a delicious meal and where most of us could relax by the pool after a fantastic game drive. The accommodations were even more luxurious than previously anticipated and we felt more than welcome. It was certainly a special stay at Green Camp North in the north of the Serengeti. In this small eco camp we were received very kindly by the employees and, despite the limited resources, we were spoiled for two days with the fantastic meals that were ready for us.

Benson, our driver and guide, drove us very well over the bumpy roads, paths and sometimes waters. He was very friendly, helpful and made every effort to show us as many of the beautiful animals as possible in their own habitat. Even though it was the twentieth time we wanted to stop to photograph a giraffe or zebra.

We saw many special animals, trees and plants in Arusha Park, Tarangire Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. A male lion who had hidden his prey in the water, but decided to eat his breakfast the moment we arrived. Or another group of lions that kept us awake because they were hunting, but as a thank you, let us enjoy their Honeymoon endlessly the next morning. But the elephants that came to greet us at the lodge between the tents in Tarangire Park were also very special. It makes you feel humble and you feel specially a guest in their environment.

The hot air balloon ride in the north of Serengeti can be considered one of the highlights, as can being part of the great wildebeest migration that crossed the Mara River. It was definitely a dream come true for us.

It was quite a transition from the immense tranquility, after a short flight via Arusha to Zanzibar, to arriving at Zanzibar airport again in the hustle and bustle. Fortunately, we first went to Jambiani where we could enjoy all the impressions in peace and quiet for a few days in our beautiful villa on the beach. By visiting the local villages we were able to get used to the hustle and bustle again and after five days we were ready to visit Stone Town to end our wonderful trip there.

Tanzania has not only stolen Marcel’s heart… I also hope to go there again. And then we will certainly let ourselves be advised and guided again by Marjolein from Explore Tanzania.

For now, warm greetings from The Hague and hopefully see you on your next trip. For now, there are still many photos and videos to view.

Wilma and Marcel


Because Marcel also went on safari with Explore Tanzania 17 years ago, a comparison was possible for him; “The food and the lodges have improved enormously over the past 17 years and have become much more luxurious. Except for the ‘Swahili shower’ at Green Camp North, which was still there and ultimately my preference. The stay at Tarangire Safari Lodge felt a bit like coming home, even though the lodge had now doubled its size.”

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