The ultimate in pampering

1 September 2023 | Arco & Kitty

It took a while but we finally found time to comment about our trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

It was a special trip for us to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Tanzania has something magical and we couldn’t get enough of it. Africa at its best. It is the combination of enjoying Game Drives under the expert guidance of rangers and relaxing in luxurious, small-scale accommodations with beautiful and varied landscapes with the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

We traveled by plane from accommodation to accommodation in order to reach our accommodations faster. The safaris actually started the moment we were picked up from the airstrip.

In Selous Wilderness Camp on the Rufiji River, which was only accessible by boat, after impressive safaris, including a walking safari with an authentic bushman (Hadzabe), we enjoyed a delicious dinner by the campfire and experienced the nightly sounds of hippo and bush babies. During a safari here in the Nyerere National Park we got a flat tire, which was quite exciting in the middle of the bush.

We received a very hospitable welcome everywhere and were pampered by very friendly and professional staff.

Ikuka Safari Camp in Ruaha National Park, built on top of a hill, was the ultimate in pampering for us. We really enjoyed this super deluxe 5 star stay, where everything was arranged down to the last detail. Here all meals, dishes and snacks were homemade. And the staff provided a royal welcome every morning, afternoon and evening.

What was also striking is that both Nyerere and Ruaha National Parks are much quieter than the much busier Serengeti. We, and also the rangers, certainly thought it was important to not only focus on seeing the Big Five, but also other animals, beautiful birds, including beautiful owls and Fish Eagles and especially enjoying the African landscape.

Finally, we spent the last days of our holiday in Hodi Hodi, on Zanzibar. It was a relatively simple, small-scale resort, but here too we were wonderfully pampered by the owner and her staff and we lazed around, walked and snorkeled early one morning near Mnembe Island and were also lucky enough to swim among the dolphins.

We look back on a very special trip. It was a wonderful experience and we have many special lasting memories. Explore Tanzania thank you very much for an unforgettable holiday.

Arco and Kitty

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