Unforgettable trip in search of Wildlife

23 February 2023 | Kirsty, Maurice, Merel & Kevin

In October we came up with the idea of looking at a safari and after some searching on the internet we soon ended up at Explore Tanzania. After the application via the internet, we were soon called by Marjolijn to discuss our specific wishes. We experienced this as very pleasant because our personal wishes were really listened to. The trip was soon booked after that, the countdown has started!

At the end of February 2023 it will finally be time, ready for our flight to Tanzania. We arrive late at Kilimanjaro Airport, so there is little to see. We are nicely met by an employee of Explore Tanzania who takes us to the accommodation. The next morning we will be picked up by our guide around 9 am to start our safari. At breakfast we already spot the first wild animal šŸ˜‰.

We are picked up by Joseph, our guide for the next 9 days. Time to get into the jeep and leave for Tarangire National Park. When we drive into the park, we soon see the first Zebras. It was soon said by Joseph, before you know it you say ABZ, ā€œAnother Bloody Zebraā€ haha. It is amazing to see all the animals in the wild. We see some giraffes and elephants in the distance and a little later we find ourselves in the middle of a large elephant group. It’s unreal how close they are. When we drive towards the end of the park, a whole elephant family approaches from the woods. Wow. They come walking towards the jeep and you see elephants from young to old. What a crazy day. We sleep in a lodge with a beautiful view over the lake.

The next day on to Lake Manyara via a “back road”, where it is less touristy. This is the great thing about Explore Tanzania that they choose the less busy roads. In this way we also meet the local population. We just entered the park and there are already two elephants standing in the middle of the road. We also see hippos here and encounter a lot of monkeys, large groups of young ones. Awesome! We have a nice lunch in the middle of the park and Joseph has arranged coffee, very curious about the real Tanzanian coffee. It’s delicious coffee and that in the middle of nature! When we drive on we see cranes, a very large group of buffalo and beautiful small birds.

Tonight we sleep at the Migombani Campsite, luxury camping. Beautiful view of Lake Manyara. In the morning we enjoy a beautiful sunrise and leave for the Serengti a little later in the morning. Here too, Jospeh opts for backroad through Nduti.

Nduti can almost be called a park in itself. First we have lunch between the wildebeests and zebras and encounter the first carcass with dozens of vultures. It is something ‘dirty’ to see, but also something special. In addition to the various types of vultures, we also see a jackal, who also runs off with his remains of the dead animal. A little further on we encounter 3 cheetahs between the bushes. How beautiful they are! On the border of Nduti and the Serengeti we soon see lions. One is sleeping in the tree, just like a movie to see. There are also 2 more lying in the middle of the dried up river. What a crazy day.
We will spend the next 3 nights at the Green Camp of Wayo Africa. That means 3 days in the middle of nowhere among the wild animals. When we are in our tent we hear the hyenas, wildebeests and lions.
The next morning it is nice to tour the Serengeti all day again. Also this day we see many animals, including a carcass of vultures, hyenas, kori bastard, ostriches, 5 cheetahs, zebras in a pond, 4 lions and various giraffes. It was another beautiful day! Our experience on the Serengeti and the Green Camp was fantastic. Traditional food was prepared at the camp and we asked Joseph to join us for dinner, which was very nice.

The last day on the Serengeti we continue our search for the Leopard and after a few hours of driving we are lucky! There is one in a tree, what a beautiful animal. In the tree next to him is also a head of a young wildebeest, how harsh nature is. Near the airport of the Serengeti, 6 lions are lying in a row and one of them is walking towards the car, which is a bit of a shock, even if nothing happens. Time to leave Serengeti and go to our residence.
The next day is our last game drive to the Ngorongoro crater. It is a beautiful experience to have seen the crater, especially the view from above the crater, was beautiful. In the crater we saw two more rhinoceros and two black-maned lions. On the way back we have an extensive lunch with Joseph at an abandoned restaurant of Dutch people with a beautiful view.

We really enjoyed this safari, it was an unforgettable week!

We close the holiday with a few more days in Zanzibar and then back home.

Explore Tanzania thank you for this unforgettable journey and experience.

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