The beauty of Slow Travel

18 January 2023

The map shows the true size of Tanzania. The country is as much as 22x the size of the Netherlands. As you can see, it’s not really a good idea to traverse the country in two or three weeks while also enjoying a peaceful holiday. To avoid a rushed vacation, we make your trip with Slow Travel. This means that you take more time for a destination to really experience the nature or culture of Tanzania. You do not rush through all the highlights of the country in a short time, but take it easy and relax at your destination.Map of Tanzania in Europe

Slow Travel is a sustainable way of traveling because you stay longer in the same place. Thus, there is less use of transportation. By having more time in one place, you get to know more of the undiscovered Tanzania. You visit places and do activities that you would skip due to lack of time. For example, go on a walking safari, canoe trip or hop on a bike for a bicycle tour. You actually see more of the heart of Tanzania through this slow travel.

Watching the sunrise in SerengetiWe would like to do our part to contribute to sustainable tourism and are happy to put together your trip with a leisurely travel program. This does not mean that you skip the most beautiful sights, but rather that you take more time to enjoy them. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to experience your trip without rushing? And then you are also doing something sustainable. A win-win situation!

Wondering what else we do to travel as sustainably as possible? Check out our sustainability page.