What is the best time to visit Tanzania?

31 January 2023

Tanzania is wonderful to visit all year round. The country has a tropical climate and it has a dry and a wet period. Each month has its own characteristics, for example, nature is beautifully green in April and May. In June through October, the grass actually turns yellow due to the little rain that falls.


December – March
It is time for the baby boom! During these months most of the youth are born. It is wonderfully warm and it is possible to travel in all parts of Tanzania. These months are suitable for taking a trip like the sample trip Baby Boom in the bush-bush or Christmas under the stars. It is high season in December and January, so the parks may be a bit busier.

April and May
Gele bloemen in het veld Contrary to popular belief, Tanzania is beautiful to visit during the rainy season. The rain often falls at night and suddenly disappears again. This causes green and blooming nature. Even now there are still many young animals to be seen. In April and May, the north and Zanzibar are easy to travel. In the west and south, the roads are largely impassable due to rain. When you visit Tanzania in April and May it is less touristy and your trip will be cheaper due to the low season. A wonderful sample trip for this period has also been compiled: May month of bloom.

June – October
Leeuw-in-gras During this period it is possible to travel all of Tanzania. The grass slowly turns from green to yellow and animals will have to make more of an effort to find water. This means they can be found at water sources more often. Around July and August, the Great Migration across the Mara River in the Serengeti takes place. The temperature is wonderfully pleasant throughout the country. July and August are high season, so the parks are busy.

Reistijd-ondergaande-zon November is the short rainy season. There may be a bit more rain than normal during this time, but this in turn causes beautiful nature. November is not busy in Tanzania. For photographers, November, as well as April and May, is definitely recommended for photographing rugged landscapes and the best skies.

Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro
Zanzibar is tropically warm all year round. Only April and May are more likely to see showers. Want to climb Kilimanjaro? Read all the information about the best travel time on the Kilimanjaro page.

During the composition of your trip, we take into account the season, the location of the large groups of animals and the best places to visit. At all times of the year, our Highlights trip is highly recommended. Each season you will experience the beauty of Tanzania differently!