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Flight information for traveling to Tanzania.

How long is the flight to Tanzania?
Your flight from Amsterdam to Northern Tanzania (Kilimanjaro / Arusha) takes about 8.5 hours.
Your flight from Amsterdam to East Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) takes about 10 hours.
Your flight from Amsterdam to Zanzibar Island (Stone Town) takes approximately 9 hours.

Do I have a layover during my trip to Tanzania?
There are daily direct flights from Amsterdam to Northern Tanzania (Kilimanjaro Airport). The aircraft then flies on to Dar es Salaam, on the east coast of Tanzania.
In some cases it is interesting in terms of budget to choose a transfer via another country. This obviously takes more travel time.
If you want to go to Zanzibar, there are direct flights available a few times a week, on other days there are connections with a transfer.

At which airports can I land?
For a safari in Northern Tanzania or climbing Kilimanjaro you fly to Kilimanjaro Airport, near Arusha.
For a safari in southern Tanzania or a stay on the east coast you fly to Dar es Salaam. Zanzibar also has its own international airport near Stone Town.

Which airlines do I fly to Tanzania with?
KLM has good connections from the Netherlands, but a flight with Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways or Emirates is also possible. We are happy to find the most favorable option for you.

How do I get to Zanzibar?
For example, KLM flies directly from Amsterdam to Zanzibar.
Incidentally, Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (Zanzibar International Airport) is easily accessible from most airports in East Africa.

How long is the flight from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar?
The flights from Dar and Salaam to Zanzibar are daily and very frequent. The flight time is 20 minutes.

How far is the drive from Stone Town to Zanzibar airport?
From the airport it is a 15-minute drive to Stone Town.
If you stay in another accommodation on the island, it is a maximum of two hours by car from the airport.

Do I need a domestic flight on safari?
Some travel routes include a domestic flight, because traveling over land takes a lot of time in that case. We always reserve the domestic flight for you.

What type of aircraft do I fly during my domestic flight?
Domestic flights in Tanzania are operated in smaller aircraft, such as a 12- or 18-seater aircraft. See how that works here.

I don’t live in the Netherlands, how do I travel to Tanzania?
There are many good connections, also from Brussels, Paris, various German or British airports. Please note that a stopover may be necessary.
We are happy to find the most suitable flight for you, from wherever you want to start your journey.

Is there a time difference when I land in Tanzania?
In Tanzania it is two hours later than in the Netherlands. Because the clocks are not advanced in Tanzania in the summer months, it is one hour later during our summer time in Tanzania. Your ticket will state the local time.

Where should I go when I land?
Upon arrival at the airport, an Explore Tanzania driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall. You can recognize him by a nameplate with your name (or the name of your travel group).

Do I have to book my plane ticket myself if I book a trip with Explore Tanzania?
If you prefer to search and book yourself, that is of course allowed, but we are happy to take care of all the worries surrounding your trip. When your travel date is known, we are happy to search for the most suitable flights. We can also put this as an option for some time without obligation (which you cannot do yourself).

How do I fly sustainably?
Explore Tanzania offers you the opportunity to reduce the CO2 emissions of your flight and safari with a contribution to Justdiggit to compensate. The CO2 emissions of your trip to Tanzania are estimated at 2.5t per person. Your contribution to compensate for this (recommended €25 pp) will then be invested by Explore Tanzania in regreening projects of Justdiggit.