Your stay in Tanzania

Whether you book a safari tour or a single accommodation in Zanzibar, for example, with Explore Tanzaniayou always spend the night in a personally selected accommodation. Given the location, sustainability, the friendly staff and the African atmosphere.

A safari lodge is a type of accommodation in Tanzania. Lodges are most commonly used on safari and are located in or close to national parks or reserves. A lodge is usually remote and offers meals, activities (such as safaris) and accommodation. They range from simple lodges to very luxurious lodges with the facilities of a five star hotel. A hotel is often a building with several rooms, but a lodge generally consists of several detached houses with their own bedroom, bathroom and terrace.
A tented lodge offers the same, only the houses are made of canvas.

Tented camps
During your safari you can stay in so-called tented camps. These are atmospheric tents accommodations ranging from simple to very luxurious. In our opinion, tented camps are the way to spend the night during your safari. Your safari day does not stop when you arrive in the evening. Here too you can enjoy the space, the view, the real African feeling and you still have the desired comfort. A tented camp generally consists of:

  • spacious ‘mess tent’ that serves as a restaurant and lounge
  • large tent with a good bed and private bathroom

Green Camps
If you want to experience Tanzania in an authentic and unique way, surrounded by nature, then the Green Camps of Explore Tanzania in the middle of the parks are the ultimate places for you.

These are small-scale camps in the middle of nature. Each camp consists of a “mess or dining tent” (restaurant and lounge), and spacious sleeping tents; each with a comfortable bed and adjoining safari-style bathroom.