Tanzania – When to go

Tanzania has a tropical climate and is a beautiful destination all year round. Tanzania is just below the equator and therefore has a dry season and a rainy season. Each period is different and has its own beautiful features. During the composition of your trip, we take into account the season, the location of the large groups of animals and the best places to visit.

Seasons in Tanzania

December to March:
December to March is the warmest period of the year. It is mostly dry and beautiful weather. The grass is short and juicy. In the first months of the new year, the young animals are born en masse, there is enough water and lots of greenery and there are beautiful flowers everywhere.

April and May:
In April and May, it’s official rainy season and thus, there’s more chance of rain. That means mainly a tropical shower in the morning and sometimes at night. The temperatures are pleasant. The north of Tanzania (including Serengeti National Park) is gorgeous and the migration of wildebeests is in full swing.

Southern Tanzania (Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve) cannot be visited during these months. The roads are impassable during these months.

June to October:
In Tanzania, this is the “cool” period and a wonderful time to travel in Tanzania. The great migration in Serengeti National Park is in full swing and there are also plenty of animals in the other parks. The temperature is pleasant throughout the country.
In the coastal areas, the temperature varies from 25 to 35 degrees. Inland, there are many differences in altitude and the temperature varies. During the day, the temperature is between 20 and 35 degrees. Higher ago areas such as the Ngorongoro Highlands, Kilimanjaro and  Mount Meru are cool in the mornings and evenings.

In November it is the “short rain period”. Precipitation varies and is distributed in different locations. You will be amazed what these showers – which appear beautifully and dramatically on the horizon – do to nature.

Zanzibar Island is also good to visit all year round, the temperature is good and there is a lot to do. In the months of April and May there is a chance of rainy days, but it can also be wonderfully sunny.

Advice best time to visit Tanzania

Are you orientating and would you like to know when to best visit Tanzania? There are many variables to consider and we are happy to help you make a choice by explaining the different seasons to you and ensuring that you’ll see the many animals.


If you want to know what the best travel time is to climb the Kilimanjaro, I would like to refer you to ‘routes and information’ on our webpage about the Kilimanjaro. Are you in doubt? feel free to call us.